Saturday, March 7, 2015


Mmmmm, so what do I like most about farming? Could it be the 17 inches of snow, the sub-zero temperatures, the deluge of rain followed by several additional inches of snow (after finally seeing the last snow melt), the promise of more sub-zero temperatures or the fact that the pregnant ewes are on day 154 and on 24hr lamb watch during all of this. No, my favorite part of farming is that I am up at night sitting in my warm barn that my Great-Grandfather built, that I have the blessing from God of beautiful hay from the 3rd cut last fall to feed hungry animals hunkered down in the barn, that there was a heart-warming moment yesterday when BES the ewe, that never thought of being friends with me, let me pet her head and has reconsidered our relationship. Unlike my grandparents, I experience all of this with many modern conveniences such as heated water buckets. Just around the corner will be spring and green grass and bouncing lambs and garden planting. It is brought to mind that we are exhorted to have an attitude of humble thanksgiving in all situations. On this snowy day, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a farmer.

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