Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Lambs

The Nice Lady and Blossom regarding each other for the first time.
 As the sun rose over Green River Knob the morning of March 8th, the gathering light revealed the two newest members of the Windsor Wool Farm flock.  Paolo and Cherry blossom were welcomed into the farm family by 4 cats and the other mothers in the lambing shed waiting their turn.  Soon after their arrival, "The Nice Lady" (TNL), as the shepherdess is referred to by those that live at the farm, showed up to greet the first lambs of the season. 
Butterfly with Paolo and Blossom

Paolo and Blossom are the progeny of Butterfly and Dreamer.  They are Bluefaced Leicester/Merino-Border Leicester crosses.  This is the first time that a non-Border Leicester has been used as a sire at the farm. Dreamer was the long awaited ram after his mother had twin ewes several years in a row.  Butterfly is also a special sheep because she is often times referred to as the Perfect Sheep.  She has all the desired qualities TNL has been trying to achieve in her flock.  So these lambs were highly anticipated!  Even though their arrival was without fan-fare on a  beautiful, quiet, mild March morning it was an event none the less.    

Paolo telling Blossom a secret.

TNL with Paolo

There is nothing that is quite so joyous at the farm than the arrival of lambs.  The miracle of life and the meeting of a new member of the family is such a blessing and a balm for those not so wonderful times associated with farming.  Each lamb born at the farm is the culmination of many hours of careful thought and planning.  Special care is put into the nutrition, housing and care of the ewe and ram.  
Cherry Blossom

 It is interesting to see how each lamb's personality starts to form immediately.  Blossom is the apple of her mother's eye.  She is sweet and spunky. 
Paolo making faces at the camera!
Paolo is a long-legged boy showing signs of being a bit of a ham!  Love those ears!
This year lambing is occurring during the season of Lent.  It is easy to understand the meaning of "Precious is the Lamb" when you behold these little ones.

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