Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nichole's Lamb

Obviously Nichole has not had her lamb as you can see by her girth. But, Nichole does have a lamb. 
Zera adopted Nichole as her mother. Did Zera make the association with the black colored ewe because her own mother was black? Not sure.... Nichole is a first timer this year and has never had a lamb of her own. She does not allow Zera to nurse but they call back and forth to each other if they are separated and Zera follows her around and definitely prefers Nichole to the white ewe in the same "pregnancy paddock". 
I am curious to see how this scenario plays out when Nichole has her own lamb(s). I can't help but think that this will help her; like some kind of parenting class conducted by the baby. 
Another interesting note is that the other two bottle lambs I have raised have been incredibly bonded to me. Zera only has use for me when I bring her bottle or when friendly Nichole comes to greet me. Other than that she has completely bonded with her own kind. I think it is better for Zera to have sweet Nichole as her mother instead of me.