Monday, June 29, 2009

School of Jack

Just an update on the puppies. Our 8 foster puppies and their mother ALL found wonderful homes. We have heard from several of them and are very pleased. Our Border Collie Mix Blackjack was a wonderful babysitter. You can see him here holding class on how to play nicely with others!
The Pointers From Oz is such a great rescue group. I was surprised by what a great house dog the Pointer is.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sheep Shearing at Windsor Wool Farm

I know it is already June....but the time lapse between when we actually sheared (May 1st) and when I get information up on the blog.........well spring at a sheep farm is busy.
Here is a beautiful shot of Diana right before shearing. Her wool shows one year of growth. We have changed our policy here at the farm to shear twice a year now. We have decided to follow 5 month/7 month shear schedule. Notice she is standing in front of our electric netting we get from Premier One It has exceeded our expectations!

The second picture is of Chloe getting sheared.
This is my favorite part of shearing; when the fleece comes off in one nice piece and the wool underneath is so clean. This girl has fabulous wool! (to meet all our sheep go to our website at

This shot at left shows Ken and I working on an elevated table with the sheep reclining. This is a modified way to shear as Ken compensates for back issues. It worked great and the sheep were remarkably calm. Chloe won "the best sheep" shearing award this year.
We invested in a pair of Oster Shearmaster clippers. Ken used these when he went to the University of Kentucky Sheep Shearing School this spring and loved them! We purchased them from Frey Livestock Supply and are very happy with them.
Notice all the lanolin on his hands. I think God intended us to work the garden and then shear the sheep! That is exactly what I did that day and it was the perfect remedy for my dry hands after working in the dirt all day. All the wonderful lanolin was fantastic.