Friday, February 13, 2009

Red Sky in the Morning

Another few days have past and I have finally gotten back to the blog. This was the view that greeted me as I walked out my door a couple of
mornings ago! This glorious sight , along with our
recent warm weather filled me with a feeling of hope and promise of the spring to come. It was as if I had stepped out to see God's message to me "Welcome to a new day! I will be with you."
I stopped on the porch and enjoyed for a few moments the splendor.
As I paused, I could hear plain the old saying from my childhood Red Sky in the Morning, Sailor's Warning, Red Sky at night, Sailor's Delight. I have always loved being able to forecast the weather like the old timers by signs and cloud formations and smoke position from a fire. Normally this blazing red morning would send me to the NOAA site checking for the latest radar. But with this morning was a feeling of peace. What ever the day would bring, glorious or catastrophic, I was walking with One who knew the what, why and when of all the days events.
Take a second and enjoy the sunrise even if it is a red sky in the morning. It may be the manna you need for that day.
A side note: The power lines in the picture bothered me, but after the recent power outages I was thankful to see them up stretched taught and not on the ground!

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LORI said...

Just Beautiful!!