Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the Saddle again

Hello all!
Yes, I am still alive. After the "flu" and the ice storm, I feel human again. We never lost power which was a miracle. I can't imagine dealing with much more after being, as my dear friend Chet used to say, too sick to die. Thanks to my very talented children who fixed meals, and did their school work and my take charge husband, I am alive to post again.

I do have one note to all about medicine. If you think something is wrong....check it out! My doctor wrote a script for Cipro and put down the wrong dosage amount. After a couple of days I was feeling worse. This was my second round of antibiotics so I was convinced I was just going to be sick forever. I looked up the side effects of the medicine. I had everyone of them! Don't ignore those nagging little feelings!

Remember all the Kentucky soldiers working to help their neighbors through this disaster.

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happymom said...

Hi Hannah...

Just wanted to say thank you for your encouragement today. Sometimes, still being relatively new to homeschooling, I feel discouraged and start doubting, but know that God used your words today to really uplift me. I know that He knows me best...and most certainly knows my children's needs...and He will not fail to give wisdom. Thanks again!

Amy Liddle