Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day in the Life

I would like for my first introduction to be of my Grandma Hannah and Grandpa Neil. The work these saints did while on earth was legendary and a lesson for all of us who "think" we work hard or "have it rough"! I too like to do my share of complaining, but when I recall their ways and words, It helps to keep a positive perspective. They have gone on to Glory but their legacy lives on.

Lessons from the Heartland from Hannah and Neil

  • TRUST IN THE LORD: (during the Great Depression, when your children go astray, when it doesn't rain, when you've prayed and prayed and there is still not answer)
  • ALWAYS BE PRODUCTIVE: (find something to do, read a book, serve others, bake a cake and put on a pot 'o never know who will stop by and need an excuse to sit down and talk, if at first you don't succeed...keep working!)

stay tuned for more........

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